20 years Wisemen, Göteborg!



This year Wisemen Göteborg celebrated 20 years as a train driver on the Scandinavian scene. As the gnomes in the Firman Boys have been unable to distribute some “complete packages” in recent years, we have chosen to put together a little video with clips that have taken place periodically through the years with a witches brew of colors, armbands, box and casual style .
By the time intervals to judge so the development forward, and so does the Wisemen’s triumphal march.


I skog och skur
Genom ladd och kur
I grus och grop
Genom Rus och rop
Står vi stolt med bältet och väntar på nästa utmanare!

Merry Christmas from Wisemen Göteborg


Source: https://intefanvetjag.com/

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